Saturday, October 23

am I unhappy?

over the last week I've pondered that question. and I still don't have an answer. Am I unhappy? If I am, why? If I'm not, why? whay does my head keep running in circles? Should the question be instead, am I happy? are they not the same question? well all I gotta say is fuck it. I don't care anymore if I'm happy or not. Or whether I should put that sentence the other way round. I'm sick of putting in effort and getting nothing in return. I'm sick of opening up to people only to get cut off to talk about their own problems. I'm sick of not having friends who are always there. I'm sick of wanting so much of what I can't get. I'm sick of annoying customers that change there mind but say thats what they said originally. My lifes like one of those vending machines where you put in a $1 or $2 to get a ring or chain or novelty thing in those bubbles, and no matter how many times i turn it, I keep getting empty ones. I hate it. I'm sick of being the rebound friend.
Bloody c+ "Satisfactory"
I know I'm never alone but I don't feel it.
Fuck it.
I think I'm going to be sick.
I think I love you... and thats the problem...


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