Saturday, October 29

lets steal the sun and all the stars,
and seal their light in bottles and jars,
so time can be stopped for just a while,
where we can sing and we can smile.
the darkness will shield us from view,
just for now there's only me and you,
and i hope that you won't let go,
and stay forever in this absent glow.

Thursday, October 20

these concrete boots he wears...

the happiness has been pushed out like half digested chocolate leaving a discusting taste in the mouth. it evaporates like sweat through the pores of the skin leaving only the stench of bad body odour and a cold feeling. its ripped out like fingernails trying to climb out of a hole of stone. its drained like the colour from the face when a heart stops. its lost forever like blood pouring down the sink..

physical unhappiness is like being dead...
emotional unhappiness is too...

Monday, October 17

imagine you see an empty box. do you wonder how it got to be empty, or if it ever held anything at all? thats what i think about when i see something empty.. i asked a friend and they answered that they wouldn't think either, just about how they are going to fill it. i thought that was pretty cool, did i meantion they're my hero?
what do you think about the empty box? do you even notice it at all?

Sunday, October 16

..::i've got new shoes, intelligence included::..

i'm not quite sure what to write today, i felt like writing, but then sat down, logged in and had a complete mental blank. i feel a bit lathagic (is that how you spell it) and unmotivated today aswell, i finished work at three and still have homework but i really can't be bothered. i should be studying aswell, exams are coming up. better stop procrastinating, oh my spelling is rather terrible today. never mind. thought i should write as a person instead of a bipolar poet for once. maybe i am a bipolar poet, but thats a question for another day.
adis amigos!

p.s. a thanks to the person (you know who you are) who sent me the site address so i could upload files onto my blog for free, but i don't think i would upload files onto my blog even if i did have the program. thanks anyway, its nice when people spend time trying to help people they don't know. thank you.

Thursday, October 13

my heart is full of doubt,
but my knowledge is sound,
this fear of the fall will be lost,
once i hit the ground.
is this really the end?
what else can i really do?
smashed on the concrete,
i can only miss you.
will you remember me,
as you stay cemented in my mind,
i just worry about the things i left,
and what you might find.
i don't want to be known as,
or remembered to be,
the person i didn't show,
that no one knew, me...

Tuesday, October 4

the day ends,
the girl waits,
the minutes pass,
the unknown fates.
the door closed,
the window open,
the boy enters,
the promise unbroken.
the room abandoned,
the curtain billows,
the bed empty,
the matching pillows.
the dark surrounding,
the running feet,
the joined hands,
the single heartbeat.
the blue car,
the engine starts,
the shadowed street,
the two depart.
the night sky,
the stars above,
the excited tension,
the forbidden love.
the wet street,
the lights din,
the lost grip,
the wheels spin.
the tires screach,
the girl's scream,
the crushing impact,
the begining dream.
the sounds stop,
the souls heft,
the still silence,
the bodies left...