Tuesday, November 4

Continuing with my hit list. B, u r a genius, this is a great idea and a good waste of time. =D=D Not like you'd read this lol! ha thas funny. Oh! and thank you Jo for waking up so we could watch movies!! Its was awesome!

6. People who have every conversation all about them. Okay, for people listening who aren't also talking about themselves it is pretty boring, open your eyes and look around. THEY ARE YAWNING!
7. Those people who think they're being nice when they say hello on msn and dont say another word.
8. Me, cause i just annoy myself and others sometimes by inconsiderant things that come out of my mouth. Even though people say I don't, I do and I notice it.
9. People who say I should swear more. FUCK OFF! is that enough for you? Now I shall refer to my "sugars" and "far out"


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