Monday, October 27

OOOOHHH WAAAHHH! (MacDonalds "Dory" Toy). <---AWESOME SITE! I'M STUCK ON PAIN, 'CAUSE PAIN'S STUCK ON ME! It is alot of fun if you are boreded like I usually am. Meh, people are the best entertainers in my opinion. :D:D
Yes well, If you've noticed I'm in a better mood now, no one gave me a hug though :( I STILL WANT MY HUGS DAMIT! Oh Well how were they suposed to know. READ THIS DAG NAMIT! I'm pouring out my heart! Well not really, I don't want a half empty heart, or would it be half full? :D:D Sorry, love playin' with the minds of others MUHAHAHAHA! yes well, i'm done now, bye! :o thers no nonesence!


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