Monday, October 20

horseriding+rain+me=AWESOME TIME + sore bottom. ohhhh my sore bottom, how it hurts! My horse was the coolest. GO CHICKO!! TWANG! True happiness cannot be described to its full extent, only experienced. Hero of the year. I loooove being a turtle! mmm pizza. itza itza pitzza and its very yummy! eisykalt ist coca-cola, coca-cola eisykalt. Well something like that, I've only ever sung it, so I don't know how it's spelt. Some german thing we did in P.S. about ice cold coca-cola with a following verse about egg and ham snadwitches. It was fun, lol no sarcasm intended. German has changed since primary soooo much it isn't funny, maybe coz our teacher has a huge attetude problem and everything has to be her way or no way and ooooh lets all sympathise how hard her life must be! She is quite annoying but she gives me good marks so I can't really hate her. ARRG! SHE'S ANNOYING! Yesh well. Be careful as you go, coz little people grow, and little people know, when little people fight, we may look easy pickings but we got some bite!


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