Tuesday, October 14

ONE MORE DAY!! ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DESTINY! Yes, *cough* well we're doing Les Mis in music, its pretty good, it's a musical with depth! :o surprising!(not sarcasm) yeah well I thought it was very inspirational. WEll yes so thats wat I'm going to write today, somethig with depth, but don't you fret, nonesence will be back! Yes well here is something written by me, it has depth but is incomplete so yeah hmmm.....

Frozen in my shoes.
But what have a really got to lose?
A life in which no one cares?
A life in which it's truth who dares?
They can go on living,
I'm getting tired of giving,
They can go on looking up there nose,
On those who opose,
The way the world spins,
How only the lucky ones win.
I'll go on drowing in my place,
Where I'm the only1 without a face,
Forgetting the memories of why,
Maybe I'm just getting tired,
Someones yelling in my ear,
But I don't want to hear,
Shut their mouth, shut them out,
What they got to complain about?
Drowning in air that keeps them alive,
Have they felt the quench to die?


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