Thursday, October 16

Yeah I thought I'd put abit more poetry/depth in here. maybe I'm just bored and have to get this stuff outta my head. meh, i don't know....

the weakening spirit,
of a girl that is lost,
in all of her days,
and in all the miles she's crossed,
she thinks she's never found love...

she cries out,
for the kindness of any,
no one helps,
though 'round her are many,
she'll never beleive in love...

huddled in a corner,
wrapped in all that she owns,
eyes squeezed shut, she prays,
wishing she had a home,
somewhere where she could love...

the night grows cold,
her breathing lenghtens,
she knows who she is,
but keeps on forgetting,
that she has someones love...

the day begins,
she thanks the sun for shining,
her eyes are red and puffy,
u know that she's been crying,
hoping for someones love...

she keeps hoping and wishing,
never getting, but giving,
hope to all around her.
she smiles so weakly,
not harshly, a little sweetly,
her hope beams a little brighter.
because she remembered love...


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