Thursday, October 16

Good evening fellow bloggers, tehehe that sounded funny. Yes, well. AHHH! again with the "yes, well"'s, I'll have to think of something different. hmmmm. Anywho, nah, anyway, nup, oookaaaaaayy moving on now, nope, WHO REALLY CARES ANYWAY!! oooh! I like that one! well, I'm not going to say well, yes anymore except for that one occasion. Moving on, hey, what about the day! Forever and ever you'll stay in my heart and I will love you, forever and ever.... sorry my sister was singing. No the original of coursem the one of "my best friends wedding", yes, I have mixed opinions on that movie.... "don't push the red button" "wah?" "The red button!" "Oh!" *push* "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!", push the button, don't push the button, push the button, don't push the button, trip the station, change channel. yes wanywho, funny, honey, honey hmmmm tasting good, tasting fine, funny, honey, honey, you know your on my mind! But then there is always that stray chocolate thought, or that ice-cream that I just bought, but oooooh funny, honey, honey, you taste so sweet to me. THAT IS ACTUALLY ABOUT HONEY! Not some love affair I have with some sexy beast with rippling muscles and a huge personality hiding in my closet. Aww man got to stop watching day time soapies when I'm home, they really polute your mind. Yes well theres alot of emtpy space in my mind so it shouldn't matter that much. Brad! I'm mad, for you too... Ohh! I have to go check my sexy beast hasn't escaped!


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