Saturday, October 18

Please excuse the last entry, I guess I was being over pesimistic, sorry, nothing comes from complaining. Which brings me back to nonesence! It is something but means nothing! Its brilliant and I love it. Quotes are good too. They're a good thing to help get out of shifty questions that you really don't want to answer like "Soooo, what did YOU do on the weekend with your hot hunk of spunk? eh??", e.g. relpy "How do I know I can trust you?" And do the shifty eye thing with the moving of eyebrows. It either scares them and they move on or they start to believe that something happened and ask more questions in which you laugh (tehehe) and skip away smiling and singing "I know something you don't know and I'm not going to tell you". Yes or that would just be one of those plans which are fun to think about but you'd never actually do. Well I dun have a hot hunk of spunk atm (the one hiding in my closet found the secret passage to Narina and never came back) so I don't think anyone would ask me that question in the first place =S.
Well, yes, I will be going now... But beware, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! WE LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE! HAHAHAHA! (go Joe's Apartment cockroach dudes!)


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