Friday, October 17

Yes, it is sad. It is 8:25pm and where am I??? Hidden away in the computer room. Yep, I have no social life, so here I write into cyberspace that will never listen or respond. Its a wonder why people even bother publishing things on the net, they say "to hear their message heard", but you know what? NO ONES LISTENING!! Its a huge, deep, dark pit were the thoughts of meaningless little people spin around and around only to be picked up by mistake and tossed back into the horrible void it came from. I have no idea why I even write here. AHHH! man! I don't like this! Its seems I question everything with a reason, and if it doesn't then I question it even more and its no fun on the brain waves man, its no fun. Maybe I shouldn't question at at all, maybe I should just toss it back into the deep pit of cyberspace....


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