Wednesday, July 5

i am floating on the reason why we get up everyday, is it just so i can torture myself. should i be responsible for my mistaken peace of mind,this is the only place i am happy. i can jump up and down, but who will listen to me? there it is, i can hear the subtle sound, the waves crashing in the distance...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. may i welcome you to my 362nd post! three more posts and i've hit a year of posts. or in two i an hit a leap year. It is strange how i have been blogging since Oct 2003 yet still haven't hit the 365 mark. but it is also interesting that as often (or as rarely depending on opinion) as i post, the memories of the blog and the memories from my actual life (i like to think i'm alive) are increasingly different. if i look back through my posts i can easily see that others could perceive me as negative and depressed. but people i know at school wouldn't know me like that, well i hope not. i guess this blog is a little like a collage. just go along with the analogy. imagine someone managed to paint an incrediable accurate picture of your life. then the pictured is torn apart and only certain parts/aspects of the picture/your life, are taken and glued onto a new canvas. now the new scene still depicts your life and emotions etc. but there are parts, and some really important sections missing. you can see that it has been taken from the original painting but you know it isn't complete. but imagine another person views this new painting and is totally unaware of the original. They only see the parts that have been grouped and glued, without the original context or balance that was in the first. And in only seeing that picture they could easily assume that is all there is. black, grey, dark blue and red stains across a scarred canvas...
well thats what i think about my blog... i still love it though...

look up at the sky sometimes, its nice at this time of night

we can succeed, if there's a will then there's a way. all that we need is riding in our wake. as the sun rises, and i look into the sky, what i see is lacking, i look away for the reason that i hurt my eyes, punctuation lacking... (We Can Succeed - Something With Numbers)


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

Congratulations on so many posts! We are neck in neck for 365. I'm up to story 364, and Monday I should post the 365th story.

Also, what a poetic way to describe a blog. This is exactly what fascinates me about blogs, getting to know a person, but just part of that person, and imagining the rest. I think many people use blogs to focus on certain aspects of their lives, e.g. a relationship, sexuality, etc. For some reason I never wanted to keep a peronal journal.

12:23 am, July 06, 2006  

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