Monday, June 5

your chest quickly rises and falls
your eyes are clentched shut
you await the fatal blow
for the knife to pierce your gut

a scene flickers on in your mind
love enjoyment and happiness
are smiling and waving at you
calling you away from all the mess

but sadness, hate and despiration
pass you a cigarette and say;
'that they're just lying to you'
'they don't want you around anyway'

you hesitate, but become convined
and you sit back in the darkness
thinking 'i'm not worth anything'
changing into more of a less

desperation, sadness and hate
abandon you in the shadow
leaving you with no one to talk to
except for your own empty echo

without love and happiness
you realise you can't cope
enjoyment is gone from your life
and 'everyone's given up on hope'

opening your physical eyes
you can see the knife above
and plunging it in with steady hands
hope shuns away her life and love

you are my hope... don't give up now...


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