Tuesday, May 23

buying cd's would have to be the best "pick me up" method i have ever discovered. slurpees and chocolate are good, but you can't go past something you can listen and listen to again and again. i have to say though, i did get excited today when i stood there, flipping cd's in JB. so excited that i bought four... four wonderful, enticing, master pieces. one of which i'm still to pick up because the cd wasn't in the case when i opened it at home. but the other three made up for it. oh the lovely workings of 'straylight run', 'from first to last' and 'a thorn for every heart'. they are so beautiful. it makes me patient in my wait for 'moneen'. oh dearest cd collection, how happy you make me.

"Sing like you think no ones listening, you would kill for this, just a little bit, you would... you would..." (Existentialism on Prom night - Straylight Run")


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