Wednesday, May 17

one of my friends asked me yesterday who i liked, as in "like" liked. i was fine saying that i didn't really like anyone at the moment. but then she asked who the last person i liked was, which is a fair enough question... but what was bad about that, is that i honestly couldn't think of anyone except for a guy who i just played with the idea of going out with at the end of year 10. the end of year ten. i'm nearly at the middle of year 12. i haven't felt any urge to go out or date anyone for what? a year and a bit? thats crap! it made me feel bad.... why don't i feel that stuff? am i so aside from proper teenage behaviour that i don't consider any of the guys i know potentionally? have i missed out on a sex drive? crap... tht one wasn't meant to come out.

enjoy my youth while it lasts.

thats what all the adults say.

why do they still all act like kids then?



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