Thursday, May 11

I'm incredibly thankful to the lovely person who left a comment on my "a mood for songs" post. thank you. and to answer your question, i'm dedicating this post to you, which isn't a very high honour, but its the best i can do.

I wasn't quite sure whether you meant the songs on that particular post, the songs that are spread through my postings or the songish type stuff i've written myself. But i'll try and answer for all three. The songs published on the last post was just an idea i had for something different than the few lyrics that i usually put at the start or end of a post. those lyrics are there because i think they reflect what i'm feeling at the time of the post, and describe it better than i ever could. i also, like most people, feel a huge, entising connection with music. but for whom they are for i'm not sure. anyone, everyone really. anyone who wants to spend some time, download songs they've never heard and get to know me. as for the lyrics/prose i write myself, they vary. There has been one or two for a friend who i worry about, but otherwise they're stories, fantasies that i'm glad don't exsist. although i do think they could mean something to anyone, and sometimes everyone needs a little recognition. so they could well be directed at you, your friends , your life situation, if thats how you interpret it.

well, i hope i've answred the question. may you find love for you in the heart of whom you love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok that makes sense, thankyou. :)

12:43 pm, May 12, 2006  

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