Tuesday, April 25

how could they change the cinema without telling me? what a load of bastards. i hope they enjoyed their fucking movie. soothe my ears with the sound of parkway drive...

your warm embrace has been replaced by cold, and those defiant eyes have fallen, broken by the floor, another rain-streaked face, left alone to drown in malice, and your bleeding heart can only heal so much, we can't weather this storm of long, and water cannot cleanse the blood from our past, can you hear your crying wish? because your prayers remain, answerless, your prayers remain, in sweet decay, your prayers remain, in this sweet decay, your love failed me, broken hearts and shattered dreams could never carry your fractured world, so just throw it all away, your love is lost on us, just throw it all away, your love is lost on us...

(they scream if you didn't know)

sure i'm over-reacting a bit, but fuck, i feel like shit because of it and so i need to vent.


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