Saturday, April 15

you asked for justice and all you got was an apology...
is justice achievable in our current society? being the extremist i am (in views not actions, heh, just pictured myself sky diving), i think that absolute justice is impossible and out of reach for human beings. Mainly because our varying cultures and beliefs that have developed through-out the world have so many opinions of what is JUST, the rights and wrongs, the ethics and morals of being alive. they are not the same, we are not the same. there are common beliefs that murder is BAD, stealing is BAD may reside, but how do we deal with murderers or thieves to deliever justice. should we murder murderers? strip bare thieves? take an eye for an eye, as they say. by doing so aren't WE the murderers and thieves? hitting someone for hitting you will not solve the problem. calling someone a whore because they called you a fridgit will NOT help you. we don't need more fights, because which ever the way the battle goes, there is no justice in it. none. but i agree that we can't just ignore the death, the emotional and physical trauma. how would i tell you that someone has killed your best friend? how can anyone possibly make that just? equal? make it like it was before? i know justice isn't returning what was lost, but how can you put a wager on someones life? "you killed him so now we take your life for forty years", "your husband was killed so now half of life is gone". maybe the maths is similar, but it sure makes me feel sick.
i do not support death row. i do not agree with an eye for an eye. people DESERVE a second chance. but it's so hard to give that to someone who is dead...
oh what pointless ramblings.... i hope you got something out of this

note to self: i miss you terribly, this is what, we call a tragedy... come back to me, back to me, to me...


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