Tuesday, March 7

title and registration - death cab for cutie

the glove compartment is inaccurately named
and everybody knows it
so i'm prposing a swift orderly change
cause behind its door there's nothing to keep my fingers warm
and all i find are souveniers from better times
before the gleam of your tail-lights fading east
to find yourself a better life
i was searching for some legal document
as the rain beat down on the hood
when i stumbled upon pictures i tried to forget
and thats how this idea was drilled into my head
cause it's too important
to stay the way it't been
there's no blame for how our love did slowly fade
and now that it's gone it's like it wasn't there at all
and here i rest where disappointment and regret collide
lying awake at night...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why havent you written in so long!!

1:06 pm, March 21, 2006  

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