Monday, January 2

maybe continuing...

Asnick noticed that Jorge was limping slightly.
"Are you okay?" She asked
Jorge turned to face her with those eyes, those dark pits, if eyes were the window to the soul then he mustn't have one. But the warmth that came from him, and the humour in his voice proved that there was something still alive inside. Maybe he has just seen too much. she wondered.
"Yeah, I should be fine. just my leg hurts a bit, a lot really. but it should be okay. Maybe... maybe everything will be..." he paused and they smiled slightly "so what's your story?"
"My story...? i don't know... i woke up in this house-shed thing, i don't know how i got there. i was so scared, my hand was hand-cuffed to a bed frame and something was bashing on the roof making it rattle... but who ever cuffed me left the key just in reach, which was weird, i think they meant for me to escape... well, i pinched a torch and some extra batteries and ran. i miss that torch... wait" she stopped and looked around "i lost the torch... um... oh well, it was stuffed anyway. I'd been following a track, for what felt like hours and the torch went out. i tried to find the batteries but they were gone and all that was there was this note.." she handed the note to Jorge, not like he could read it at all, but she just thought she should and kept walking "i wandered blindly through the bush for a while and eventually spotted a street light that was on this road. and then i kept walking.. who ever put me here is going down."
Jorge didn't say anything, he was serching for something in his pockets. Asnick took this as a sign to keep talking.
"That note is seriously twisted, it says that i'm no one now, well thats a big change" she added sarcastically. Jorge was still filtering though his pockets. "What are you looking for?" she asked.
"My pen light" he waved the note and pulled out a piece of paper. "what the? bastard must've taken my torch, i'll see if my watch light is strong enough"
It was hard to read the notes with the watch light, but it worked well enough to get the jist of what it was saying. Asnick felt slightly uncomfortable holding Jorges wrist over his piece of paper. There were cuts and bruises from the chain which she was sure would be hurting like hell, but the thing that made her uncomfortable was a thin scar running almost half-way up his forearm. She tried to ignore it.
Dearest Jorge,
Isn't it funny when people get lost in themselves for so long the don't relise they don't know where they are? where are you Jorge? can anyone reach you? if someone does then you will live, but if not you'll die here. i hope someone comes, but after a while you most likely won't. enjoy the ride.
sincerly Defious Deants.

Jorge went a bit stiff. Asnick felt awkward, and thought that maybe she should have let him read it by himself before she did. But it was in the past and there wasn't anything she could really do.

"I'm sorry... i should have let you read it by yourself first... Jorge?" Asnick stopped and looked over at Jorge who was a few paces behind shaking.
"Jorge? Jorge! are you okay?"
she ran over to him, she hadn't known him very long and he smelt bad but she hugged him all the same, trying not to hurt his back. He just seemed to fold into her, fitting perfectly in her arms. suddenly the night's events flooded asnick's head and every pore ached. it was then, the first time in years, holding this fragile boy that she cried. her silent tears rolled down her cheeks and she didn't fight them back like she normally would. he couldn't see her tears, and she couldn't see his, but both could feel that they were united in this insane, overwelming and depressing place. That they both wanted so much to wake up from this nightmare, but knew that they couldn't.
It was within this moment that the sun decided to emerge on the eastern horizon, turning the blackness to grey, and revealing a circus ground in the distance. neither asnick and jorge said anything, they just broke the hug and kept walking, heads down, towards their futures...

[woah, this is finally getting somewhere, horray, *author happy dance* i hope you like it or are atleast interested]


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