Sunday, January 1


Asnick's scream echoed through the darkness, bouncing back at her from various angles. She clasped her hand over her mouth and focused on the body, or the person, hanging from the wire. Jorge moved again.
"erg..g.g.. can.n.nnn yo p..pp..easss... ellp mee..." he whispered weakly,
"Oh god!" Asnick answered startled, removing her hand from her mouth "i'll try, ahh, what do i do? do you have anything to cut this wire or... the tree or.. or i could untwist this wire around the tree... and it should..." she began untwisting the loose end of the wire. He was mumbling about something but she couldn't understand him so just ignored it. She really wished he didn't smell so bad, it was making her eyes water and made her want to hurl. Asnick untwisted the last twist in the wire and let go. Jorge fell to the ground with a slight squelch-thud. the end of the wire whipped around the tree and slapped Asnick across the cheek, opening the flesh. She put pressure on the wound and swore, it was oozing blood like there was no tomorrow, maybe there won't be, she thought. Jorge was sqirming around on the moist ground trying to sit upright, but his gaffa-tape bound feet and chained hands made it very hard.
"Thank you," he mumbled "would you... be able to get this... tape... off... you can use it.. to... to... close the wound... i tried too tell... you about.. the wii.. the wirr... about it"
"ok, i'm Asnick by the way. who are you?" she asked politely, kneeling down in the filth, tried to cover her cheek and block her nose with the same hand as she found the end to the tape and ripped it off.
"It's Jorge... and sorry about the smell... i was shit scared.. ha.. aren't i funny?" he said dryly
"yeah, you really really do smell bad, what happened?"
She pulled the last bit of the tape off and attempted to stopped the bleeding from her check. it kind of worked, she just worried about infections.
"i woke up at the top, this guy kicked me around a few times yelling about circuses or something and then just... pushed me down, i hit a few trees, i thought i was going to die... and then i was just left here and.. well.. couldn't go anywhere... my pants feel really bad... i really thought i was going to die, thank you..."
"all i a days... er.. nights work.. how long ago was this?"
"it feels like days... if my watch is still correct.." he glanced down "its about three days, but it could be stuffed. this darkness is really getting on my nerves. i must have been uncontious during the day or the sun hasn't risen for three days. maybe thats why there aren't any birds. my wrists hurt. and my back for that matter."
ignoring Jorge's complaints, Asnick wondered whether the sun would ever rise again. Would it be able to melt away the terrible feeling that was growing inside her gut?
"We should keep going," She suddenly stated, "suposedly i have limited time, it could of passed already and i wouldn't know it" She got up and offered a hand to Jorge.
"What about my hands?" he stumbled slightly as he stood.
"You don't need them for walking, and unless you know of anything around here that could break them then i would rather keep going"
"Me-yeah, guess... you haven't got any food on you do you?"
"No I don't, now come on smelly boy, i'm sure there'll be a tall stack of pancakes waiting for you at the end of the rainbow."
"you need light to get a rainbow" Jorge answered, almost happily, staring at the sky. "Those stars look pretty"
"They sure do..." Asnick replied, not quite sure why she bothered. But the stars did look quite beautiful.
"where are we going?"
"i don't know smelly pants, but i guess we'll eventually get there.. maybe..."
and they set off down the road, to who knows where....

[I don't know if i want to continue with this... i can't see it going anywhere, but neither can the characters so maybe there is still hope. Happy new years chaps! chappy new yeahs haps!]


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