Saturday, December 31


Dearest Asnick,
if you are anyone, you will be no one. if you have a family, you will have none. if you have a home it will be gone. you will no longer exsist to anyone you loved or cared for. you may ask why, but the only answers will be hidden in everyday things. the worn bark on a tree, a candy wrapper littering the ground or a lost cat poster. if you are quick enough to follow the clues, maybe you can keep your life... but i don't know if you would want if now... sincerly Defious Deants

"What the fuck?" Asnick swore quitely, "Who does this guy think i am? How the fuck does he know who i am?"
Something inside her cracked. The events of the night already had her in a cold sweat. The intial waking up in a strangers house, stealing from them and not knowing where on earth she was, had her nerves set on the edge and then to be lost in unfamilar bush land with a dud torch for what felt like four hours had killed any clear, optimistic thinking and strangled her emotions. And now to be informed that she is nothing and that if she wanted to continue living she'd have to follow some trail of clues. It infuriated her.
"Who the fuck do you think you are? Is my life a game to you?" She screamed into the dark, "You must be seriously screwed up to think this is funny!"
She only felt marginally better after this outburst and examined the note again. This guy wouldn't kill me, would he? she thought to herself, and how could he make my family, friends and Josh forget me? It must be just a joke. maybe following the clues would help me get out of here. theres nothing really to lose.
So Asnick examined the posters on the street light again and remembered that the lost cat notice was meantioned in the note. She scanned the sheet of decaying paper four times before she noticed the little green markings along its bottom edge. "with bends this sharp, no wonder they left more than skid marks." She immediatly thought of faeces stains on white y-fronts, but knew thats not what this guy was talking about. Deciding to risk it, she jogged along the road into the semi-darkness trying to make out any signs of burnt rubber or that of a bend in the road. At least half an hour had past and she still hadn't come across anything, maybe she had gone the wrong way, missed a hidden turn off or missing the tracks completely. Then out in front of her she glipsed a wire hanging over the road, infact she then noticed that the wire crossed the road numerous times, in a zig-zag fashion. It almost reminded her of a flying-fox her dad had built her older brothers, Trenkin and Sinor when they were younger. The road sloped downward suddenly and Asnick had to slow down to make sure she didn't trip, she could see water or something glistening at the bottom of the hill near the side of the road. As she approached it a fowl stench filled her nostrils, it was one of the more discusting things she had ever smelt. It made her think of the time when Trenkin forgot to clean out his rabbit's hut for two weeks and found it dead, buried in its own waste. Asnick stopped walking and just stared at the shadow and the glistening puddle below it. Mother of God! it can't be!

She ran towards the shadow, hoping she wouldn't trip and land face first in, what she got the nagging feeling was, blood. the smell got worse and worse and when she got within five metres of the shadow, it was no longer a shadow.
His coarse, black (well everything would look black in that light) hair was covering his face, which was probally good, because his mouth was twisted unnaturally, his skin bleached and his eyes had become empty pitts, like gateways to hell. Not for the first time, she swore under her breath. His hands were tied to a chain that had been looped over the wire, and his body hung limp, dangling a foot or so above the ground. he must of been there for atleast a day already. The smell was intense, a strong mix of urine and shit. The fuck deants wasn't talking about cars at all, he really was talking about faeces in the pants. arrg! (she probally said shit, but I wanted to avoid the bad word choice) the body moved slightly in the wind, but Asnick couldn't feel the slightest breeze. and then Jorge let out a moan. Asnick screamed.

[Authors note: please excuse Asnick's language, its dark and scary and she is totally freaked out. You would be swearing more if you were in her position, i know you would. You probally would of wet your pants ages ago. peace out]


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