Thursday, January 5

my head hurts i want to stop thinking i want to stop it now now now now now now can you stop it for me please i would really like it if you could its for a good cause but then again i might be more amusing if i didnt have any sanity who needs sanity anyway who needs sanitary napkins anyway a bullet wound would go so nicely with my fashion statement dont you think do you think at all you can have my thoughts anyday if you want sure here have them take it i want to go home but home is no where two houses and no home is no way to live but who said i was living anyway i cant wait for school to be back school can be my home sounds good enough fo me i shall be as swell as the corpses burning in hell horray for morbid fantasies

with friend like these why get real ones
my daydreams are so much nicer in balck


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