Sunday, April 16

getting back into the swing of things, here i am again, only a day since my last post. horray! eating a lot of chocolate is not the only thing i want to accomplish today. i plan on finishing my chemistry homework... but i usually plan to do that every weekend and still have some left over. and i should go for a walk in this lovely melbourne overcast weather, get a slurpee from the most devoted branch of stores, 7-11. god bless them for being open on easter sunday. what is quite refreshing about today is that it is the first easter where we haven't done something as a whole family (mainly because we're not a whole family anymore) and its the first sunday in a long time where i haven't had to work. isn't that great? another nice thing is that this post is not about death or philosophy or sadness. its just the plan for another day.

happy easter. may jesus rise from the dead and deliver you chocolate.


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