Thursday, May 18

i'm your puppet, i'll learn to love it, and i'll undress, if you need it. please don't need it, if you need it, i'll scream out...

when you find that someone, what are you meant to feel? lovestruck? happiness? admiration? nervous? care free? do you get hit with a million emotions at once or is it so right that the only one you notice is love? how corny does that sound? i'm so sick of people obsessing over love. i'm so sick of myself obsessing over love. love is just a marketing ploy. i don't love anyone and you're not listening (belle and sebastian - i don't love anyone)

weave a secret, i will sweep it, beneath the carpet, where you'll keep it. how weak is that? wish i was worth it, to you... (gregory and the hawk - i'm your puppet, i've put it on here before receintly, but its a nice song to listen to, not happy nice, but nice musically)


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