Monday, May 22

tell me why, i don't like mondays, tell me why, i don't like mondays....

gaaaaarh. i don't really mind mondays, they're ok. it's my only full day though and with my early mornings its acctually quite tiring. but the tiredness could also be related to stress, and exams coming up in bio and chem, aswell as the GAT. we got our prac bio exam back today. i got 46/75, which is excelent in comparassion to what other people got, but crap when i look at the questions i got wrong. also did a prac chemistry one today which i know i did badly on, just everything went wrong. we've got an assembly on wednesday which i'm sure i'll have to talk at but no one has bothered to approach me to ASK if i could, they'll probally just TELL me tomorrow afternoon. they are a very organised bunch of people they are. i've totally fallen behind in specialist, i missed two periods in a row and now i don't know if we're meant to be differentating or anti-differentating or which formulas we're meant to use. or whether cosx antiderives to be -sinx or sinx antiderives to be -cosx. i think its the latter. but english is going well. i get to commit suicide next tuesday. as jocasta of course. writing her final words is a bit of a chore but it should be good once i've finished. well i think thats enough of my school related babble. hope schools good for you, if your in school.

i want to shoot, the whole day down...


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