Wednesday, June 7

I heard that you were home again, but you don't look like you're back to me. with your focuses changing, your gaze is transfixed on a point that i can't often see. you've got your new ties, i've got my old knots, you've got your inside lines. but you're never happy with what you've got...

you really think you're alone, don't you?
i'm not alone... i just have no one to talk to...
you can always talk to me
can i? what would you do if i did?
i would listen
thats what you say now...
why wouldn't i listen to someone i care about?
because you're busy
i'm never too busy to listen
but you're too busy to understand
what is wrong? why do you keep like talking like this?
i want to talk like we used to, before life got soconfusing
well.. me too. you know you can always talk to me
yeah... i know...

(these dialogues are made-up. i'm both people, fighting with myself again i am)

i heard that you were living well, but you don't look like you're living to me. though the sparkle is gone, the smile is in place so that everyone watching can see. you've got them all convinced, but i know it so well. that you could list your friends, but you can't count on them...


Blogger hungrymoz said...

Hwy frances, i thought i'd take a trip down memory lane n read these blogs. i dont use blogger enmore bu ti have a myspce.
its cool. i miss u heaps. i got ur msg today.
just know i havnt 4 gotten bout ya! i have had no credit. im strugglin 4 money a bit since movin outta home, but i'll get on track.
i love ya! if you get a chance to call oneday please do! i miss tlkn to ya!
love you always and forever and a day!
love amy

8:26 pm, June 08, 2006  

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