Thursday, August 26

whats the difference between today and yesterday? well today was a half day, well a two thirds day, getting off at lunch time. Saw a movie with some people, got a sticker photo, yeah its in my wallet. Bought some stuff for "christmas in a box" for orphans in Belarus, but forgot half the list. Then blogged and wrote like I said I wouldn't write.
Today was different, I walked home and thought, and made up a song, it was one of the hopeless songs. I can't remember it all now but it went something along the lines of:

I'm in my glass box again
without anyone to call a friend
one foot away and I can't reach you
I can't kiss you like I really want to
my head is breaking, my heart is aching,
my head isnt right, my heart is gone
nothing is sane, nothing is right
sleeping in the day awake at night
thinking of this harsh reality
find the power to break free
but I'm still one foot away and still can't reach you
still can't kiss you, like I still want too
the scars from the glass bleed deep
now neither day or night I sleep
nothing shines brightly anymore
I once knew, but now i'm not sure
why I'm one foot away and won't reach out
why I won't listen to you scream and shout
that you're hurt and in pain,
that nothings right and nothing sane,
the lack of sun, lack of light,
how you can't sleep at night,
how you're one foot away and you can't reach me,
that you can't kiss me as you want too so deeply...

or something like that.... yeah, its kinda corny now...
time changes me... time changed me... I don't care anymore...


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