Saturday, July 17

I don't care if the sun don't shine, I get my loving in the evening time, when I'm with my baby. Life no fun with the sun around, I get my loving when the sun goes down, when I'm with my baby. And first we... yeah I'm bored, I'm working today though, first time in 2 months because I forgot to put in my avaliablities for the holidays. oops. meh, oh well. and i'm working tomorrow too. OHH! its orange, i made it orange, I made it orange, can you make your writing orange? or blue? or pink? or green? I CAN! tehehe I like this new blogger thingy.
Its soo cool right now, red it is, so hot. Kathy's party tonight, I only get to go to the last 2 hrs coz i'm working a close shift. Sweet Charity is next week too! AHHH! so close, thats scary, I have no idea whats going on. meh, she'll get over it.
well toodles from me


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