Monday, July 12

I was so bored today doing work expeirence that I thought I'd revamp the meaning for boredom.
original definition:
the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest

new definition to apply for today:

the state of being completely drained and "bored out of ones brain" at the thought of or the action of tedious and repedative actions (e.g. opening book, stamping book, closing book, repeat 100+ times) or through the lack of interest in these activities.

The staff were cool, and nice, but what I had to do. boy-o-boy. I might as well slept all of today. OH! but I get to help with storytime tomorrow! WOO! I hope its a Dr Suess or.. oh! I've forgotten the author of those books! oh ahh! they were so cool. oh bum. awww... losing my childhood. gotta go find it
cheerio chaps!

words beyond words, of what wasn't said,
don't seem to stop, running 'round in my head.
years after years, pulling at the same loose thread,
around in circles, was the path that it lead.


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