Thursday, July 1

Into the sea, you and me, all these years and no one heard. I'll show you in spring, it's a treacherous thing, we missed, you hissed, the lovecats... ba-da da da da da da-da, daaa da da da da da da-da...

Heellloooooooooooooo! HyeS! HyeS! HeNO! Why do you talk like that? I had a sTROke!
Woo! holidays, and guess where I've been going? TO SCHOOL! Yes it is the most awful thing to put people through while on holidays, but Ms Callow has decided that we need 6 days, 10am to 3pm, of rehersals. Its terrible, but the musical is coming along well... but thats not the point! Luckily I'm going on "deeper" next week which is gonna be so awesome! Its at Phillip Island and we're going to get all Godly and its going to be fantastic. and a bonus is that I can't get to 3 of the rehearsals. But Deeper!! Holidays aren't meant for school, teachers should understand that, why would they want to waste their holidays at school? Beats me.

We're so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty! Oh you know that I'd do anything for you.

Yeah so whats up with you people?!? I got a shout box and no ones used it except squashy and I, which is quite depressing really, thanks squashy! you're a gun. As for the rest of you who may or may not exsist, fair enough, I know I wouldn't waste my time on a crappy blogspot such as this.

Nothing could be the substitute, for the love I've found in you...


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