Tuesday, June 22

Destination unknown, as we pull in for some gas, freshly pasted poster reveals a smile from the past, elephants and acrobats, lions snakes monkey, Pele speaks "righteous", Sister Zina says "funky"
How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre!

I reckon its pretty bizarre. But what it has to do with dancing elephants with pink umbrellas, I don't know. Now where did those elephants go? I want their autographs.

I'm a brass band, I'm a harpsichord, I'm a clarinet! I'm the Philadelphia Orchestra I'm the modern jazz quartet!

Yeah, marching without marching is cool, and those batons! they were pretty sweet, a bit long, a bit skinny, but boy where they some nice peices of wood.

I don't have any reasons, I've left them all behind, I'm in a New York state of mind....

Yeah, Billy Joel, playing right now, I can hear it in lounge room, or kitchen, whichever its playing in. yeah. The suns not yellow, its chicken. Oh my dear Bob Dylan, where would we be without your tombstone blues? I guess I'll never know...


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