Wednesday, July 21

not a happy chappy, you'll get no smile out of me. Feeling quite crap at the moment, more than usual but it doesn't always some through my posts. who wants to read about someone complaining about something they don't understand? meh tomato tomarto how ever you like it, how's reading this anyway, I used to think I had an audience but I see I was wrong, so I guess theres no point of me writing here anymore.

so I'd officially like to say goodbye. I might be back, but if not, cheerio.

and did you know that when it snows my eyes become wide and the light that you shine can be seen

Light a candle, light a motive. step down, step down. watch a heel crush, crush. Uh oh, this means no, fear cavalier.

you don’t need to be funnier for me, don’t have to always be strong, you don’t need to try to be beautiful, beauty was yours all along

You said I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war, if you can tell me something worth fighting for, oh and I'm gonna buy this place is what I said, blame it upon a rush of blood to the head

It's something sacred, something so beautiful, something quiet to ease the mind. when the pressure's taking me over and over.

... yeah... I'm still here...


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