Sunday, August 22

I'm baaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkk. Yeah I got bored, and I never really could abandon my poor regenerated imagination, its just too awesome and bewildering. kinda addictive. But I will make a change, I want to write something with relavence, importance during my posts, not just like "i did this and this and lalala some song lyrics". no I want some depth. But that doesn't mean I won't have some song lyrics... or alot of song lyrics, they have a mind of their own and just kinda get stuck into this blog, so yeah. BLAH!
Well, I'll start off with an intorduction, for this little piece that will be the beginning of what never ended.

I am Frances, people also call me Frachise, Franlea, Cecil, Penelope, Frac-es, and a few other variations. I'm a Christian, although I'm not too forward in it, which I don't like, I wish I could be more full on about my faith infront of others but it just doesn't work that way, I have to work on it.
I like music, yes, I really do, like the majority of everyone. Most types are pretty sweet, not really keen on r'n'b and rap, and got kinda an obscesion with jazz at the moment, oh Louy, Duke and Ella, you guys are so cool. I also like, REM, Gary Jules, Third Day, Delirious, The Beatles, Coldplay, Aqualung, a few of Smashing Pumpkins songs, and all those one hit wonders and songs from musicals, eg. singing in the rain, hair, west side story and more recently due to school production, sweet charity.
I'm a bit of a drifter in the friend department, yeah I have friends ( well I hope I do...), just the ones I hang around change from time to time, they're all so cool and then I can't decide and end up drifting. Kate and Amy I love you guys but you know those headphones piss me off. And I'm just one of those all-round people that can kinda fit and not belong anywhere at the same time. I'm multi-talented.
I play tennis, I've played around, 8 seasons, the last 2 not including this one, we one the grand final, because we are so cool. Well actually I'm about to stop playing tennis at the end of this season which was... yesterday. and start a new more novel for the fun sport, like karate or fencing or water polo, well not water polo but its pretty hot.
I think that discrimnation is the worst thing anyone can catch, I talk like it is a disease because it is, its dis-easing for those who gets targetting and it eventually eats away at the person who made it. If there's one thing I hate its that, and whats worse is that I do a bit of it myself, all humans are hypocrits at sometime in there life, get over it.
My new, favourite, repedative song at the moment is bananaphone! woo! its sooooooc grool! um... I was meant to say cool...

Well thats me cheerio ladies and gents!


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