Tuesday, August 17

what is this nameless nothing,
that steals every hope and daydream,
what is this hopeless feeling,
what does this emptyness mean?

I can not see, for some reason,
who, what, when and why,
I have life but no explaination,
why these tears of hurt I cry.

the need of a friend
the need of a friendly place
the need of a very good friend
and a loving, friendly face

I have everyone of these,
so many have much less,
but no one seems to have the keys,
for the door to my cell of sadness

"are you alright? are you okay?"
"is it really that bad?"
"maybe its just one bad day"
"...why are you so sad?"

I don't know how to reply,
these feelings I don't know,
many times I have asked why,
they just came here, and now they won't go....


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