Monday, July 16

the lives we are dreaming
and the ones we're are leading,
aren't the same at all,
in lacking the luster
and the strength we can't muster,
we are bound to fall.
wallowing in a haze,
that shrouded our days,
luck was never on our side,
but don't stop there,
to be honest and fair,
we never, ever, really tried.
the world we live under
and the trails we hope to wander,
still haven't met,
the support that we require
and the love we so desire,
we just can't get.
but we haven't raised our voices,
or expanded our choices,
my frankness please forgive,
we should cease this complaining,
and with the time that's remaining,
just try to live...
just try...

dreamers never live, only dream of it...


Blogger Sandy said...

Wow. you are a damn good writer madam.
The content, the rhyme all goes well.


1:06 pm, July 16, 2007  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

thanks Sandy =), it was buzzing around in my head last night while i was trying to sleep, i don't know if i caught all of it though...

thanks for coming back though, i'm really liking your blog, and i linked to you to.
peace out.

1:21 pm, July 16, 2007  
Blogger Sandy said...

why arent you making a collection of this and publish it. it will sell like hot cakes. and besides dont you feel fraid that someone might steal your original work.


8:17 pm, July 16, 2007  
Blogger Frances bo bancess said...

haha, thanks for the compliment, but i don't think anyone steal my work... it's a bit raw. and even if they did, i would feel flattered before i felt pissed off... *shrug* i guess this is publishing it in a way...

9:00 pm, July 16, 2007  

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