Wednesday, June 13

444th post
pull your arms up around your knees, and hide out inside your room, pretend you can't feel at all. just realize that i know how, you feel now...

i'm not progressing, i'm just going round and around in circles. like when you draw them free hand and then trace the line again and again until there is this thick walled circular shape or a hole in the paper. if life is the circle, which side do we fall on? where do we start? where do we end? i read somewhere that compared it more accurately to a spring, a 3D spiral where the same x and y values are revisited, but the z value changes. i have to stop now because i can't clear my head. people know what that is like, i would like to thank them for their understanding nature. they know what it's like to have something crammed so tightly inside their head that they can't get out anything without the fear of dislodging it and the whole closet-full of junk pouring out and drowning them.

crap, i love you.

i guess this means i'm at the drowning stage, not the conclusion i want, but might as well get it over and down with.

...can you think back to when things worked? when dreams were the days your lived? when you never cried alone? (being your walls - Armor For Sleep)


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

You are not sinking into the water. You are flying, soaring.

5:06 am, June 28, 2007  
Blogger sandra said...

I can remember when dreams dominated controlled my waking days but my goal was to step outside I wanted the control. I got it. It was good. Now I want the other back relinquish control dream in and out and upside down because I know the way. It's a gift, but first you have to be aware

6:58 am, July 08, 2007  

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