Sunday, May 13

"it'll be okay" Greg whispered, "please don't fall apart".
Rei tried to hold it in, but she couldn't move her arms to stop the seams from ripping open. She just lay there, fully aware of the tear and terribly conscious of her inadequacy. what could she do? what could she say? she strained her mind to stimulate her hands, to wiggle her fingers, but there was simply no response.
Greg began to move in, but then withdrew, not sure how to approach the situation. beads of sweat formed on his brow and slowly accelerated down the side of his face.
"right, we can do this" he said in a voice lacking any convincing tone.
he jumped in, the pointed edge piercing into Rei's skin.
"i'm so sorry," Greg whispered as he repeated it again and again.
Rei whimpered silently, her insides churning with every stabbing pain.
She looked up to the ceiling and wondered if it would ever end, and just like that it did.
Greg tied the knot and suddenly everything was okay.
"good work little one," Greg smiled, patting Rei's head, "you look great"
He lifted her up in his arms, she still unable to move her own body, and sat her up next to the clock. She tried to smile in thanks, but relised she was already smiling. It was the fixed smile she was created with, that she would live with and disintegrate with. living the lifetime of fabric and thread with nothing more than cotton to join her inside her stitched up head.


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