Thursday, April 19

the hopelessness of love. i once said that hopelessness was beautiful, and now it is the opinion that saves me from giving up every time i see you. i know nothing should come of it, and that nothing will, but i love you. i don't mind that you can't do anything with that love, i would still offer it, it is as much yours as it ever could be mine. it's such a strong word, i think that's why i like it, and why i like you, so very very much. goodnight my sweet.

if this post ever goes missing, this blog may have come up in conversation with that person and i being too embarrassed to have them read it, deleted it. but maybe this paragraph is just so if anyone reads it, they will think it's not about them because if they are reading it, it means i haven't deleted it, which would mean i'm not embarrassed about them reading it, so it couldn't be about them, even if it is about them. sometimes i think i think too complicatedly. if you understood that babble, congrats! if not, it wasn't that important.


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