Wednesday, April 11

i wanted to dance with you that night. it would have fitted perfectly, embracing under the night sky, swaying as one. we wouldn't have needed music, my heartbeat could've been the congas and your sweet whisperings the lyrics. with my arms wrapped around your neck we could have slow danced around the front lawn, disturbing the fresh dew drops that glistened magically on the grass. we would've breathed in the same cool, night air, that those sleeping inside would never taste. and then, with superb romance, we'd have kissed. it would've totally knocked out my concept of time, and we would've remained that way until the rising sun reminded us of where we were. what we were. who we were. and we would've laughed and hugged and smiled and we would've been happy. i'm sure of it. well i was sure of it, but now it seems too surreal to strive for. but i can still dream....


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