Monday, February 5

in her metaphorical hands, she held out her emblematic heart, 'this is me' she whispered and all he did was laugh. with his ringing vocal sound, her lips were forced to smile, 'it is only me' she remarked, putting self-worth into denial. these figurative kicks, kept her down low, 'i'm only a joke' she laugh, 'only a joke, i know'. but masks wear thin eventually, often too late, hers slipped one day, to reveal burning self-hate. 'take me, please take me a-fucking-way from me, this isn't worth it, i'm not worth it, you made me see. that i stand alone, and i always will, please end it, my life is yours to kill.' the boy stood still and looked down at his hands, he'd already taken her life, finally he understands. with a hug he thinks, all will be okay, so he wraps his arms around her, and softly begins to sway.she doesn't hug back, standing broken and small, her emblematic heart, is merely symbolic after all.

man this sounds like crap. i'm just sick of people throwing around my opinions like i don't care about them. please support my theory that i told you that because i can trust you not to laugh it off like a joke. it hurts, that writing sucks and i'm in a bad mood. maybe i need to kick something, no, i'm too "non-confrontational" for that. i mean i am, but no need to rub it in my face.


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