Wednesday, August 2

anger, sadness, disappointment. the course i really wanted to get into at melb. uni has been cut. bachelor of science/bachelor of teaching, gone, wiped, no longer avaliable. now, its either that course at monash where they throw you into schools in your first year or deakin. or i could do a science degree and then a DipEd anywhere. gah!
*bashes head against wall*.
i really wanted that one, my number one choice, now i can't even get rejected by them. they still have double degrees with arts and teaching. so why get rid of the science/teaching? why would they do that? isn't there a shortage of science and maths teachers? don't we need young, capable, intelligent teachers trained up to fill in the gaps when our aging staff reach they're well deserved retirement? is this just a plot to just get me to do straight science? now i feel like a bit of a snob because i'm acting like it's the only good course out there. but i really, really wanted to do that one. it sounded exactly what i wanted to do.
gargg, argg, grrr, aklgh, eoihf, weitfhx...
another bend in the road perhaps.

chill out readers, but don't get too cold.


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get the subjects you wanted. What I really hated about my uni-days was registering for the particular classes. They had a gym with each of the teachers sitting at a table, and you had to go to each one to register for their classes. It was a nightmare, running back and forth and then un-registering when a class you couldnt get forced you into an alternative that threw over the rest of your schedule. Yours is a different situation but the point is, I wanted to take German, but that had filled up, so I wound up taking Spanish instead, which was nice. But how different it could have been coming to Germany and knowing some German beforehand. Still I am here, and it all went well, despite having not gotten that class. Best thing to do in your studies is diversify, study two majors that dont seem to go together (I did psychology and computer science) - it helped me later to switch from one career path to the other.

(P.S. Thanks for your story - I finally posted mine).

9:10 pm, August 04, 2006  

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