Friday, July 28

pull the loose thread and watch it run, through tangles and knots, becoming undone. weave me back into a better form, have me breathing before the dawn...

one of those days where the bad/annoying things definately outweigh the opposition. results in myself screaming in my head "idiot, you complete idiot, what where you ever thinking" when i click on a mine in minesweeper. out of everything that happened today, i start yelling at myself over bloody minesweeper. its not like i had money on it or that i was trying to prove myself to anyone. maybe it just symbolises my state of mind right now, i'm in a game by myself where i win or a lose, no maybes or inbetweens. black and white print. but my view is purely based on the greys in life. without the grey we have no free will, nothing is new. you do this because of that, this happens because that happened. what a simple exsistance. maybe it would be better. maybe i need some sleep.

wake me with a morning song, sing to me that nothing is wrong, that a rose will never hide a thorn, the sun always shine with my naiveity reborn...


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