Wednesday, August 30


"On the gooood ship, lollipop! it's a niiiice trip, with a lollipop! and sail away, and eat and eat all day!" Sophie merrily sung, swinging her mother's hand and skipping as they walked through the shopping centre.
"Are you sure they're the words Soph?" her mother smiled.
"Oh yeah! I heard it on TV and there was this girl and she was singing and she had this huuuuuge lollipop. It was soooo big she could have hid her face behind it" Sophie stretched out her arms to show her mother how big it was. "Can I have a lollipop Mum? It doesn't have to be big. It could be this big. Or this big or this big or this big or this big or this big or even a tiny, whiny one." She moved her hands in until they were nearly touching.
Her mother laughed.
"Will you be my super-duper helper with the shopping? 'Cause super-duper helpers can have any lollipop they want from the shop."
"Yeah! I'll help you mum! I was even going to do that anyway because you have to do a lot of shopping and I've grown taller so I can reach the froot loops and everything! Don't you think I've grown Mum?"
"Of course I do. We can even measure you up against the wall when we get home."
"Oh wow. Can we use the sparkerly pen? Or the purple one! Yeah! The purple one is pretty"
Her mother grinned.
"I like the purple one too"
"Oh... I wonder what flavour lollipops they have... I think I want the red one 'cause they make my tongue go all red, even though my tongue is already red, it makes it go even redder! Thanks mum!"
"No problem super-duper Sophie"


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