Tuesday, August 29


"i think you're misinformed," Claire stuttered, "I... didn't .. i never said that you were a bad p...person"
"yeah, that's right. you said i was a controlling bitch!" Mary slapped Claire across the face. "How could you say something like that??"
"I didn't say that..." Mary whispered, falling to her knees, clutching her cheek.
"Oh yes you did! You worthless piece of shit! Do you understand what it felt like to be hearing from Brendon that he didn't want to be with me because... because..." Mary's mind raced ahead of her, throwing rationality out the window. "... because you told him that i was controlling! You said that he wouldn't get anywhere with me! Do you know the hurt and shame i felt, having to listen to that shit?! DO YOU?!"
Claire just stared at the floor, clutching her cheak, wimpering softly.
"Ha," Mary scoffed "You couldn't even comprehend it, you've never been in love, you've never had it stripped away from you... how could you? you unsocial, useless shit. You won't even look at me. How pitiful!"
Claire looked up at her, eyes sparkling with moisture, her hand still plastered to her cheek.
"I think I understand more than you do Mary. I know why Brendon dumped you. yes, i think you like to be in the lead, but i would never say that you were a bitch, let alone a controlling one. Please Mary, calm down."
"Why should I calm down?" Mary screamed, and then collapsed next to Claire.
She lay in silence for a few minutes, Claire didn't move. Then Mary rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling with her face scrunched up.
"I want to be strong... i don't want to cry... and if i calm down... i will..." she said through clentch teeth.
"It'll be okay... I won't say anything" Claire whispered.
Mary crawled over, lay her head down on Claire's lap and poured out all her sorrow while Claire gently stroked her hair.
Claire looked down at her hand, her jumper sleeve had risen up slightly, unveiling a bloodied bandage, but Mary didn't see. Claire pulled her sleeve back down and didn't say anying, hanging her head slightly.
"When did you start talking so much anyway?" Mary questioned softly, "you wouldn't have said anything like that a year ago..." she looked up at Claire "...thank you"
Claire smiled.


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