Monday, September 5

a trickle of blood down the back of your throat,
makes you cough and wakes you from your dreams,
your clothes are soaked in the crimson bodily fluid,
suddenly the world bursts into sound with violent screams.
your ears feel like their burning and your eyes try to focus,
the darkness is then pierced with a terribly strong light,
a body's sprawlled out infront of you, with a hole in their chest,
with their heart still in your hand you run into the night.
the screaming stopped and the light has faded away into shadow,
you search your mind for memory while your feet pelt the ground,
why can't you remember anything about that person now far behind?
and then you notice the object in your hand and a part of the past is found.
your feet throb as you come to a stop at an unknown destination,
with despiration and tears, you look for answers hidden in the sky,
this could just be a dream thats gone all twisted, but you know its real,
that you've taken a dead person's heart and you can't even remember why...

well that was pretty chunky poetry there, might as well been a story...


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