Thursday, August 25

it's funny how there is always this idea that light is good and darkness is bad. all these religious people saying "step into the light" and you'll become a better person. but better in whose perception? God's? how do we know what he really wants? from what he has said through man? i'm not saying that religion is crap, i respect those who can have such dependence in something there is no proof of, faith it is called. and i'm not here to say the darkness is the best place to be, but like this planet there is both day and night and we would all get terribly sick and tired and not become "better people" if there was only one or the other.
Now if we take light and darkness phsyically, not that either of them are but, in the total brightness of light you can not see anything and in total darkness you can't see anything either. So nothing is really clear in either of these realms. In both there is this sense of fear that one does not know what's coming or what is really real. These are normal senses of life that only ignorance can really remove, and once you've lost that, then you are more of a real person, whatever real is. Nothing is black or white so why do we keep acting as if there is? there may be two perpectives but using black and white is not a good example. How about colour and grey? in colour and grey there are a variety of lights and darks, tints and shades for those arty farty ppl, but it stills shows the difference between an optimistic and pesimistic view. the optimistic seeing colour, a huge arrangment of beautiful, endless prospects although because there is no definate line between the colours there is no definate path. the pesimistic seeing life in a world of greys, because of this mixture of white and black there are definate lines around things, but with these boundaries life is restricted and bad things are often more noticable. Both outlooks are very far from perfect, and any view thats inbetween is still far from it. yes, we are spinning in and out of light and dark again, finding balance on non-exsistant scales. why bother lighting a candle when the room is already lit? is this all hypocritical mind-mash? yes... yes i believe so.
humans are flawed, full stop. let us not breed another flaw of dwelling on failures.

building metophorical walls to keep oneself out, and then relising you've barricaded yourself in if the person you most despise... everyone hates feeling like they're nothing... luckily only a few know it...


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