Monday, August 1

20 things I like in life
  1. conversations with people i can trust
  2. big feet on small puppies
  3. motion sensored doors
  4. chocolate biscuts
  5. laughter
  6. bubbles
  7. music
  8. the rainbows of light you can get in the reflection of CD's
  9. those clothes that are old but still comfy
  10. holes in socks
  11. oil on top of water
  12. colourful paint splatters
  13. extra keys that you don't know what they open
  14. sour cream and chilli potato chips
  15. finding the cd you wanted to buy after 3months of looking
  16. nice movies
  17. sparklers
  18. funny messages when computers loading (ok, booting the kernel, tehe)
  19. msn, oh messenger my friend
  20. patterns in the sky, both at day and night
woo i got 20, that wasn't so hard


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