Thursday, July 21

attempt of a campfire sotry

there once was a little girl named Beth. She was nearly eight years old. All she wanted to be was a ballerina. One day she was practicing in the lounge room when her brother Sam walked in.
"You don't really want to be a ballerina do you?" he asked
"Of course I do! They are beautiful and pwetty and they get the wear really nice dresses! I'm going to be the best ballerina ever!" Beth answered
"Oh really? I bet you wouldn't be saying that if you knew about Anna the ballerina ghost."
"There are no such things as ghosts! are there?" Beth questioned
"One yes there are. Some are happy ghosts, some are sad, some are angry. Anna is an angry ghost!"
Beth squirms a bit. "Why is she angry?"
"Well, as the story goes, she was nearly eight, just like you, and she was a beautiful ballerina. Her mum was a ballerina too. They danced together and everything. But Anna soon got better, a lot better than her mum at dancing and her mum got very jealous and poisoned her dinner one night. But, the thing with poison is that you always know who put it there. Anna knew and she was angry. She was going to be the best ballerina but now she couldn't because she was dead. The next night her mum woke in a sweat to find Anna's ghost at the end of her bed holding this huge buchers knife and singing *he sings in a childish girly voice* "chop chop chop, chop off your head, in the morning they'll find you dead...chop chop chop, chop off your head, in the morning..." and with that she jumped at her mum and cut her head off"
Sam jumps towards Beth, motioning a knife cutting her head off, Beth screams.
"Kids! Quieten down please!" comes their mothers voice from the next room.
"the next morning" Sam whispers it his sisters ear, "they find her body headless in her bed, but the head is no where to be seen. But Anna is still angry, she was meant to be the best ballerina and anyone who tries to be the best..." He pulls his finger across his throat "chop chop chop!"
"Don't say that!" Beth squeals "Theres no such thing, you're just trying to scare me! MUM! SAM'S TRYING TO SCARE ME!"
Their mum enters and Sam is sent to his room, Beth goes to her room too.
The next day, Beth is dancing again, she refused to believe her brothers scary story and still wants to be the best ballerina ever. But then she hears this whisper...
"chop chop chop chop off your head, in the morning they'll find you dead... chop..."
"I know that's you Sam" Beth says still dancing
"chop chop chop off your head, in the morning they'll find you DEAD"
Suddenly something, or someone jumps out in front of her. She falls to the ground with her eyes closed. What is happening? Am I dead? A intence stinging, burning, pain clutches, cuts her neck.
"I'm the only ballerina, the only true ballerina"
Beth would of replied, but her head was sethered from her body. Her body lay there, the blood spilling across the wooden panels.
"Anna! It's tea time!" called her mother from the other room
"Coming!" Anna replied.
Beth never exsisted. This is Anna's story, of a girl who was the best ballerina in the world....


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