Wednesday, August 24


i need something to neutralise my destructivly sad poems... i need a love poem... doesn't have to be directed at me, but just has to be about good stuff in general.... if you can find anything... maybe all love is corrupt with lust or greed anyway... *sigh* "can't you see the no sighing sign?"

i'm so invisible to you,
how can you possibly see though,
this heart that beats so keen,
how can i remain unseen?

to have language and words,
that are never understood or heard,
to have a heart beating inside of me,
that has always been left empty,
and with this final hopeless letter,
i hope everyone's future gets better,
this is the last thing i wrote and read,
for I am just so very, very tired...

it's not the end.... but sometimes i wish it was...


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