Thursday, August 2

i thought being back at uni would invoke more thought from me. but it seems to be draining me. i've never really forced myself to write, and i don't really think i should, but maybe it'll work out ok...

rachel stood completely still, she could have sworn she had heard pine-needles being crushed under a foot that wasn't hers. the wind that whistled through the trees carried a whiff of something sinister that traced goosebumps down her spine. she clenched her fists, gathering the courage to turn her head and look. she expected to see nothing, as there were always noises that echoed through the woods unaccounted for, and her expectations were met. sighing with relief, she returned to her original orientation, only to catch a glimpse of blue disappear behind another tree. she quickly drew the sigh back in and crouched low. if it had been black or brown or red or white or even green, she would've shrugged it off as a woodland creature minding their own business. but blue is not the colour of any animal she knew, that belonged in a forest 100km from any ocean or sea. she tried to collect her thoughts, but they were racing faster than she could catch up, her hand plunged into her pocket and rummaged for her phone. not finding it there, she quickly unslung her bag and searched for the small gray box that would give her a small amount of security, even though she was sure she was out of range. but she didn't manage to see how many bars of reception she had, the phone slipped from her hands as she was lifted from under her arms. she struggled as she was pinned against a tree, the bark scratchy against her face. her keeper's breath tickled her neck as they drew their face closer to hers. rachel whimpered slightly.
"pardon me miss," he whispered, gently loosening his grip, "but i do believe that you are it,"
rachel giggled, which turned soon became bursts of laughter as she turned around and hugged him tightly.
"you scared me there, don't do that!" she said, wiping her eyes that were wet with a mixture of relief and laughter. He chuckled and put his arms around her, his red jumper sleeve warming her neck. rachel paused, considering the colour of the jumper.
"is this new? the colour looks really good on you!"
they walked on, with an air of conversation and laughter around them, perfectly masking the footsteps of the man pursuing them in the shadows...


when the day, is gray, and lonely, i stick up my chin, and grin, and say...! (thanks Indie for getting it stuck in my head! maybe i'll dream in musicals tonight)


Blogger San said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:01 am, August 04, 2007  
Blogger observer said...

I actually really liked the ending, chilling.
Now I have Tomorrow stuck in my head too....

12:55 am, August 06, 2007  
Blogger Sandy said...

you are such a gem of a writen. i marvel how u plot such things. its as if i m right in the middle of your story and seeing everything happen write in front of my face.

1:40 am, August 06, 2007  

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